Working with Mindfulness in Therapy

Mindfulness is all the rage these days. It has been adopted in schools, workplaces and by individuals, often in search of the promise of an all-elusive peace of mind. In…

Why all therapists should have an understanding of somatic therapy

When we hear about somatic therapy, or working with the body, we can assume this is a niche way of working focused on physical movement. While it’s true that therapists…

A Compassion Focused Therapy Approach to Shame

Dr Chris Irons returned to discuss Compassion Focused Therapy, and its use as an approach to shame and trauma.

Dr Chris Irons – Interview

Chris Irons has been one of the leading figures in the modern development of the CFT model. He’s becoming a regular for Brighton Therapy Partnership training, and kindly granted us the opportunity to interview him about his work and CFT.

The Present Moment Part 5: Conclusions and References

This is the final part of our series on mindfulness and psychotherapy, and concludes the series.

The Present Moment Part 4: Challenges in Mindfulness

Previously, we focused on how mindfulness and psychotherapy fit together naturally. But let’s now look at the challenges of working mindfully in the present moment.