Photo Credits

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A list of main photo credits are listed below. Where contact details exist (links to websites or email addresses) you must contact the owner of the picture to seek permission to reproduce; where no contact details exist please contact to seek permission to reproduce. Thank you for respecting other people's artful endeavours.

  • Andrey Popov | (Sex Addict image)
  • Vadim Bukharin | (Baby Astronaut)
  • Dule964 | (Screaming Heads)
  • Elaine Farrell | E: | Facebook: PIXELaino (Pompidou 1; Paris Tunnel)
  • Filipwarulik | (abstract woman on chair)
  • Dawn Hudson | (The Scream parody)
  • Ia64 | (Woman's bottom in red)
  • I-bag | (Blue/Red Figures/Puppets)
  • Icsnaps | (Meditating hands)
  • Loveliestdreams | (Abstract - Maze of Masks)
  • Luca Chiartano | (Eyes)
  • David Lord (Tree Canopy)
  • Pavel Losevsky | (Children Jumping into Swimming Pool)
  • Michael Olden (Brighton Wheel and Richard Bowlby event)
  • Oocoskun | (Sleep Time Stories)
  • Pakmor | (Pop Art Illustration of A Couple)
  • Denis Pepin | (African American Woman, chin on hands)
  • Bernhard Scharinger | (Vanessa/Girl in Pink)
  • Rob Trounce (Andrew Samuels event)
  • Vlue | (Young man with Post-It Notes)
  • Yoga Della Risata Pesaro (Italian) blogspot (Laughing Circle)

All other photographs by Shelley Holland ( or Matthew Pulzer (