Feb 13 2024

Resparking: Conquering Post-Covid Challenges with Courage and Resilience

The following blog post is an adapted version of an original article, written by Graham Music called: Finding courage, resilience and hope after fear, disconnection, and post-Covid malaise and originally…

Feb 6 2024

Private Practice: Making it Sustainable and Successful

Written by Shelley Holland, Owner of Brighton Therapy Partnership We are very fortunate to have the amazing Simonne Gnessen join us at Brighton Therapy Partnership for an online evening seminar…

Nov 3 2023

Legacy and Identity: Famous Replacement Children

Throughout history, many renowned figures in various fields, including William Shakespeare, Carl Jung and Elvis Presley, have been identified as “replacement children” – individuals born following the death of a…

Oct 4 2023

Breaks in Therapy: A Therapist’s Personal Account

Breaks in Therapy are a core part of the therapeutic work, and impact both clients and therapists in different ways and at different times. The following article is written by…

Sep 28 2023

The Replacement Child: Why we should care to grieve

The definition of the term ‘replacement child’ is complex and depends on the individual and their family psychodynamics.  As a starting point The Replacement Child Forum define how a person…

Sep 8 2023

The Impact of Breaks in Therapy & Attachment Styles

Therapy is a dynamic process, typically based on a consistent relationship ultimately resulting in trust and growth. But like all other engagements, there are occasional interruptions, be it due to…

Aug 22 2023

Navigating Sleepiness with Clients

While counsellors and psychotherapists take pride in being supportive, empathetic and engaged, there will also likely be times when we feel tired and sleepy in sessions. While tiredness can be…

Aug 18 2023

Understanding the Link Between Dissociation and Trauma

Traumatic experiences can have a profound impact on the ways in which a person interacts with the world around them. One common response to trauma is dissociation, a defence mechanism…

Jun 14 2023

3 Reasons Why Therapists Need to Be Menopause Informed

In the realm of mental health care, we are typically equipped with the tools and understanding necessary to deal with a wide spectrum of issues, from anxiety disorders to traumatic…

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