About ThEO

Therapy Education Online

As well as all the fantastic training opportunities to be found here at Brighton Therapy Partnership, we would like to tell you about our sister organisation, Therapy Education Online (ThEO), where we bring the very best of counselling and psychotherapy training to a global audience through online video.

ThEO is committed to the enrichment and dissemination of knowledge to the global therapeutic community. We work with the world's foremost experts in psychotherapy, counselling, and related fields in order to distribute their expertise and training to a global audience.

You can read more about ThEO and gain access to a wide range of videos at affordable prices at our website HERE. Come and explore such subjects as Attachment Theory, Trauma and Body Psychotherapy from world class trainers such as Linda Cundy and Tony Buckley. We update our video library regularly so do keep an eye out for new and exciting content.