Catch-Up Services

Catch-Up Services

We are aware that different workshop providers are offering a range of different options to delegates wishing to view catch-up recordings of workshops and events. BTP would like to be clear about what we are able to offer based on our agreements with trainers and the limits of our technical and administrative capacity.

  1. The ability to ‘catch-up’ with workshops originally delivered via Zoom is possible for some of our events, but its availability is dependent on the agreement of the trainer(s) involved.
  2. Our catch-up facility is only available to participants who purchase a ticket to the original event. We do not sell access to a catch-up recordings retrospectively. This is to honour the confidentiality of the original training group.
  3. Where catch-up is made available, this is limited to 28 days (starting the Friday after the event has taken place). The catch-up period may be shorter if this is requested by the trainer. The catch-up period will be made clear on the event page

Trainers have spent many years gaining knowledge, writing papers and books, and developing their workshop material and may understandably wish to restrict access to their material and to be paid properly for sharing it. Workshop recordings may contain client case studies or other highly confidential material which further necessitates the need to be sensitive about how broadly the catch-up is shared.

We are unable to agree to requests from individual delegates to extend the viewing time for them, specifically for the above reasons.

Additionally, we appreciate that it may not be obvious that extending the viewing time for one delegate effectively extends the viewing time for all delegates who were provided with the video links. Currently YouTube (where we host our catch-up service) do not allow new video links to be created without re-uploading the video, which is a very lengthy task involving the overnight uploading of files. Regretfully this is not something we have the capacity to offer.

Catch-up material is made available strictly as an additional service, and with the agreement of the trainer involved. BTP has no leverage to insist that workshop material is made available to delegates beyond the day of the workshop delivery, although we continually strive to expand our services to our delegates with the co-operation of our trainers. Thank you for your understanding.