The Palmeira Practice

The Palmeira Practice is a counselling service in Brighton and Hove.

All counsellors and psychotherapists working from the practice are fully trained and members of one of the national accrediting organisations for psychotherapy in the UK.

What The Palmeira Practice Offers Counsellors:

The Palmeira Practice is an expanding therapy service.

We have consulting rooms for hire to counsellors and psychotherapists wishing to join the Practice. We also have an Associate Membership option, which allows counsellors and psychotherapists to work from their own consulting room, while enjoying the benefit of a referral scheme. These are some of the benefits of joining:

Great therapy rooms in Brighton and Hove

Brighton Therapy Partnership manages five therapy rooms.

All our consulting rooms are situated in optimal locations for clients, with highly accessible transport links. Our room rates are among the most affordable in Brighton and Hove for consulting room hire.

The rooms are also designed exclusively for therapy, with appropriate decor and furniture, that will create a peaceful and productive space for working with your clients.

An online web profile

Every counsellor who joins The Palmeira Practice is provided with an online profile page, detailing their expertise and training to clients.

This provides a hub for clients to read about you and the work you do, and provides somewhere for you to send your clients to find information.

Marketing Support

Our package includes marketing support and guidance, primarily focused around digital marketing.

Our marketing expert is steadily building our social media channels, and provides SEO guidance to ensure our website is well optimised for potential clients. A budget for PPC advertising is also provided to draw traffic into the site.

Expertise Demonstration

You are provided with a blogging platform, allowing you to share your expertise with potential clients.

We find that this helps clients understand more about your work, and also provides them with a sense of credibility, as you are able to demonstrate your knowledge before they choose to sign up for a counselling session. Your articles will also benefit from some editing from our SEO expert, as well as an outreach process to ensure it gets shared among the right groups.

More of your Ideal Clients

The Palmeira Practice recognises that counsellors have different areas of expertise.

We currently have counsellors specialising in drug and alcohol issues, trauma-informed approaches, working with young people, and more. We believe this diversity is what makes for a great group practice, and that we can use this within the practice to bring clients to the most suitable counsellor for their needs (if applicable). This means you're able to utilise your specific knowledge base with those clients that most need it.

What The Palmeira Practice offers to Clients:

By offering a superior service to clients, both counsellors and clients benefit.

Counsellors can be assured of more referrals, whilst clients get what they need. Potential clients are provided with a one-stop shop for their counselling needs - this includes articles on topics that our counsellors specialise in, a service which matches them to the most suitable counsellor, and flexibility around the time and location they'd like to receive their therapy.

Referring a client

If you are a counsellor and would like to refer a potential client to The Palmeira Practice service (due to being fully booked yourself, or because you don't feel you can offer the treatment they need), then please get in contact with us.

You can reach us via The Palmeira Practice website by using our contact form, or by email through

Our counsellors have high levels of expertise in numerous fields within counselling, such as drug and alcohol issues, working with young people, trauma-informed approaches, working with autism and more.

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