margaret landale

How to Work With Trauma in Therapy

Margaret Landale ran a Brighton Therapy Partnership training course in November 2016 on how to work with trauma, and how powerful the therapeutic relationship can be in providing a space where a client can begin to feel safe to process the trauma. We’ve condensed some of the takeaways for those who couldn’t make it to help you work with trauma in your own practice.

The Present Moment Part 5: Conclusions and References

This is the final part of our series on mindfulness and psychotherapy, and concludes the series.

The Present Moment Part 4: Challenges in Mindfulness

Previously, we focused on how mindfulness and psychotherapy fit together naturally. But let’s now look at the challenges of working mindfully in the present moment.

The Present Moment Part 3: Mindfulness

Previously, we looked at the issues of compassion and empathy. We shall now look at how mindfulness and psychotherapy interact.

The Present Moment Part 2: Compassion

Previously we discussed empathy, social bonding, and trauma. The article ended with an example of a colleague of mine who, upon hearing the account of a young refugee’s traumatic past, went into a state of shock herself.

The Present Moment Part 1: Empathy

Empathy is essential for psychotherapy, Empathy is of course a core quality in psychotherapy and counseling, and is recognised as a key component in positive psychotherapeutic outcomes.