EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy

To anyone not trained in EMDR it can come across as almost magical. How, we ask, can waving our hands in front of the client’s face help them to heal?

Working with Challenging Clients in Counselling

In our therapeutic careers, we will undoubtedly encounter clients who are challenging, difficult, or hard-to-reach. This article examines how we can support such clients in counselling.

Counselling the Children of Narcissists

Whilst a mild level of narcissism can be healthy – in order to take care of ourselves we need to believe ourselves worthy of that care – narcissism (and those defined as ‘narcissists’) as spoken about in therapy is less helpful.

Learning to Talk About Sex in Therapy and Counselling

Sex represents more than the physical act. It can represent intimacy, connection and desire. A loss of sex in long term relationships can therefore mean a lot more to a client than just the loss of the sex itself.

Using Stories in Counselling & Therapy

This article looks at the power of a personal story in the eyes of narrative therapy, and how we can develop and change the stories we tell about ourselves in order to change our lives.

What is Narrative Therapy?

With our upcoming event on narrative therapy, we wanted to look at the topic and answer the question ‘what is narrative therapy?’