Shame and Connection in the Therapeutic Relationship

The BTP workshop on Why Shame Matters: Relational Perspectives on Working with Shame takes place via Zoom, on Saturday 4th March 2023, with catch-up available after the event. Our expert…

4 Ways Of Working With Dissociation In Therapy

Ahead of our upcoming workshop: Dissociation: Trauma as Personal & Collective Experience with Miriam Taylor on Saturday 7th October 2023 via Zoom (with catch-up available), we are revisiting this article, supporting therapists…

Learning to Talk About Sex in Therapy and Counselling

Sex represents more than the physical act. It can represent intimacy, connection and desire. A loss of sex in long term relationships can therefore mean a lot more to a client than just the loss of the sex itself.

Interview with Christiane Sanderson

Christiane Sanderson has been delivering Brighton Therapy Partnership workshops for several years, including sessions on trauma, shame, and childhood sexual abuse.

These Three Exercises Will Help You Understand Shame

Our recent training day with Chrissie Sanderson was designed to give techniques for working with shame in the counselling environment, how to broach the issue of shame without triggering it, and what is needed to counteract it when it overwhelms.

A Compassion Focused Therapy Approach to Shame

Dr Chris Irons returned to discuss Compassion Focused Therapy, and its use as an approach to shame and trauma.