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Trauma Re-enactment and the Cycle of Suffering

In advance of our upcoming online workshop on Saturday 5th February with expert trainer Miriam Taylor on ‘Repeating Patterns in Trauma’, guest writer Amy Brangwyn has created this insightful article…

Shame and Connection in the Therapeutic Relationship

The BTP workshop on Why Shame Matters: Relational Perspectives on Working with Shame takes place via Zoom, on Saturday 4th March 2023, with catch-up available after the event. Our expert…

4 Ways Of Working With Dissociation In Therapy

Ahead of our upcoming workshop: Dissociation: Trauma as Personal & Collective Experience with Miriam Taylor on Saturday 7th October 2023 via Zoom (with catch-up available), we are revisiting this article, supporting therapists…

What Counsellors Need to Know About Dissociation

What is dissociation? Why does dissociation happen? How can we help our clients who dissociate? This article looks at dissociation and its relationship to trauma.

Dissociation and Trauma: an Interview With Miriam Taylor

Miriam Taylor is one of the foremost experts in working with trauma in counselling and therapy. She is hosting a workshop with Brighton Therapy Partnership in March 2016 on how to work with dissociation.