Working with Young People in Therapy – Nine Takeaways

Now more than ever young people need our support to navigate the world they’re living in. From navigating the pandemic to immersion in online life, there are challenges that will…

Working with the children of Narcissists

Interview with Rebecca Kirkbride

Rebecca Kirkbride is a therapist and writer specialising in working with children and young people. Her books include Counselling Young People: A Practitioner Manual*, Counselling Children and Young People in…

Counselling for Technology Addiction in Teenagers

There are stories all over the news at the moment of young people’s poor mental health and high levels of anxiety and depression in girls. This causes much concern for counsellors.

Working With Young People in Your Counselling Practice

When it comes to counselling, understanding your client is key. Young people are often in a very different mental space than adults, due to the physiological and cultural specifics of adolescence.