The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

As therapists, we’ve always known that trauma and addiction are two interlinked concepts, but it’s time to do a deep dive into the topic and gain a stronger understanding of…

Supporting Clients with an Anxious Attachment Style

This article looks in detail at anxious attachment and the role therapists can play in their lives. It distills some of the key learning points from a Brighton Therapy Partnership training course with Linda Cundy.

Growing Up As An Only Child – an Interview with Bernice Sorensen

Bernice Sorensen is one of the foremost experts on issues pertaining to only children on personal, cultural, and social levels. She has researched how the only child develops, and the lasting effects that being an only child can have in adulthood.

How Does Technology Affect Relationships and Attachment

This is a writeup of an event by Linda Cundy on therapy in the digital age, with a focus on technology, relationships and attachment.