Events Archive – 2021
Saturday 16th January

“EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy”

(Trainer: Sian Morgan)

Saturday 6th February

“Body Image: Skin, Identity, and the Gaze in Psychotherapy”

(Trainer: Linda Cundy, Nicole Schnackenberg and Jeff Lane)

Saturday 13th March

“How To Work When Therapy Isn’t Working”

(Trainer: Michael Soth)

Saturday 24th April

“Disordered Eating or Eating Disorders: Communication, Disconnection and Food

(Trainers: Linda Cundy, Yeva Feldman and Julia Buckroyd)

Saturday 12 June

“‘Root down to reach up’: An Integrative Approach to Therapeutic Work with Children & Young People

(Trainers: Rebecca Kirkbride)

Saturday 26th June

“Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity “

(Trainer: Meg-John Barker)

Saturday 25th September

“Working with Autism in Counselling & Psychotherapy “

(Trainers: Jenny Ronayne)

Saturday 9th October

“Body Image: Skin, Identity, and the Gaze in Psychotherapy”

(Trainer: Dr John Wilson, Tony Buckley and Dr Erin Hope Thompson)

Saturday 13th November

“Narcissism and Working with the Children of Narcissists”

(Trainer: Julia Buckroyd)

Saturday 27th November

“Understanding Sexualised Trauma”

(Trainer: Zoe Lodrick)