Events Archive – 2020
Saturday 8th February

“Numbing the Pain: Making the Link between Childhood Trauma and Addiction”

(Trainer: Christiane Sanderson)

Saturday 29th February

“Fear and Love in Supervision”

(Trainer: Robin Shohet)

Saturday 14th March

“Working with dreams in clinical practice: realizing the full richness, depth and significance of dreams”

(Trainer: Marcus West)

Saturday 28th March

“Trauma Masterclass II: The Art of Trauma Treatment

(Trainers: Miriam Taylor, Tony Buckley, and Kathrin Stauffer)

Saturday 20th June

“The healing power of imagination in impossible situations – working with Loss, Grief & Trauma with Creative methods”

(Trainer: Professor Mooli Lahad)

Saturday 19th September

“Somatic Masterclass – Working with the Body in Psychotherapy”

(Trainers: Morit Heitzler, Nick Totton, and Tony Buckley)

Saturday 28th November

“Polyvagal Theory: Therapeutic Presence and The Relational Space Between Us”

(Trainer: Tony Buckley)