Events Archive – 2019
Saturday 2nd February

“Only Connect: Building effective relationships with young people in therapy”

(Trainer: Rebecca Kirkbride)

Saturday 2nd March

“How To Work When Therapy Isn’t Working”

(Trainer: Michael Soth)

Saturday 16th March

“Resilience In The Face of Trauma: Working with Clients’ Coping Resources in Therapy”

(Trainer: Professor Mooli Lahad)

Saturday 30th March

“EMDR – The Breakthrough Therapy

(Trainer: Sian Morgan)

Saturday 27th April

“The Counsellors Toolbox when Working with Shame”

(Trainer: Christiane Sanderson)

Saturday 8th June

“Broken Threads: The impact of trauma on patients and practitioners”

(Trainer: Dr Maggie Turp & Dr Phil Leask)

Saturday 22nd June

“Existential Therapy and the Art of Living”

(Trainer: Professor Emmy van Deurzen)

Saturday 6th July

“Working with Risk and Suicidal Ideation”

(Trainer: Kirsten Amis)

Saturday 13th July

“Sexual Addiction: Myth or Reality”

(Trainer: Dr Thaddeus Birchard)

Saturday 28th September

“Intimacy – The Impact of Attachment on Adult Relationships”

(Trainer: Jenny Riddell & Linda Cundy)

Saturday 5th October

“Polyvagal Theory: Therapeutic Presence and The Relational Space Between Us”

(Trainer: Tony Buckley)

Saturday 2nd November

“Narcissists and Their Children: Made Not Born”

(Trainer: Julia Buckroyd)

 Saturday 9th November

“EMDR – The Breakthrough Therapy

(Trainer: Sian Morgan)