Events Archive – 2022
Saturday 5th February

“Here We Go Again: Repeating Patterns in Trauma”

(Trainer: Miriam Taylor)

Saturday 5th March

“Love in Psychotherapy”

(Trainers: Professor Divine Charura, Robin Shohet and Victoria Settle)

Saturday 2nd April

“An Attachment Approach to Therapy with “Avoidant” Clients”

(Trainer: Linda Cundy)

Saturday 21st May

“The Family Dance: An Introduction to Systemic Practice

(Trainer: Dr Reenee Singh )

Saturday 10th September

“EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy

(Trainer: Adam Getty)

Saturday 8th October

“Anxiety: Attachment, Neuroscience and The Body ” 

(Trainers: Victoria Settle, Smita Rajput Kamble and Suzanne Worrica)

Sat 15th October

“Working with Race Based Trauma and Stress”

(Trainers: Mamood Ahmad and Sam Jamal)

Saturday 12th November

“Working Therapeutically with Disordered Eating”

(Trainer: Professor Julia Buckroyd)

Saturday 26th November

“Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Working with Bodily Focused Distress

(Trainer: Dr Nicole Schnackenberg)