Victoria Settle

Victoria Settle (Tori) is the former CEO of The Bowlby Centre in Islington, London. She is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor and is registered as a psychoanalyst with the UKCP.

She has taught extensively at The Bowlby Centre specialising in infant development and runs short courses on Attachment for counsellors and psychotherapists who have trained elsewhere but have an interest in learning about Attachment theory and how it can be applied clinically.

Tori has co-authored a chapter on Attachment in The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy and has written papers on the relevance of Infant Observation on psychotherapy trainings in the Journal of Attachment and The Psychotherapist. She has given regular presentations at clinical forums on how to work with disorganised attachment and the links with this particular attachment pattern and trauma.

Tori is a keen ballroom dancer and passionate about the environment. She has 17 beautiful chickens and 8 Indian Runner ducks in addition to her 2 Patterdale terrier puppies and 2 silver Bengal kittens. She lives in Kent with her wife.


Testimonials on Victoria Settle’s training

“I found Tori’s presentation to be exceptionally clear and easy to follow. I am very interested in Attachment theory so I gained much from her presentation.”

“I was particularly enthralled by Tori’s presentation.”

“I found Victoria Settle excellent in her clinical presentation and assessment.”

“I Particularly enjoyed Tori Settle’s presentation which I found so clearly explained and easy to digest.”

“Tori was fabulous and the training was superb. A powerful developmental training. I appreciated Tori’s relational style in presenting an area of her expertise.”

“Tori’s knowledge and deep experience – conveyed with such humanity, kept me fully engaged & often greatly moved by the content.”

“I expected this to be an excellent workshop – Tori is such an authentic and engaging speaker. She is so naturally enthusiastic about her subject and makes it come alive with her practice-based case studies.”

“Fantastic – one of the best trainings I have attended. This was down to the trainer and pacing of the training. Delivered a lot of information but was all relevant and interesting.”



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