Caroline Hearst

Caroline Hearst is an autistic autism trainer and consultant. She is now in her early 60’s and realised she was probably autistic as a result of stumbling across an article in a newspaper in her 50’s.

She then sought and got an official diagnosis, which enabled her to understand herself in ways that were not facilitated by her training as an art psychotherapist, or her personal therapy. Find out more about Caroline’s story.

Caroline believes that if she had known about autism earlier she might have prevented her differences becoming difficulties. She is committed to contributing to a culture change which provides positive images of autism and makes it more likely that people on the autism spectrum will identify the condition, and be empowered to utilise their strengths and mitigate their challenges.

While still living in New Zealand she served as a trustee of Autism Spectrum Kiwi’s (ASK) and co-edited and wrote the introduction to their “Welcome booklet” for people newly diagnosed with autism. Now living in the UK Caroline is currently a National Autistic Society councillor, helps organise Autscape, an annual conference run by and for autistics, as well as being a director of AutAngel (www.autangel.org.uk) and running Autism Matters (www.autismmatters.org.uk).

She is a qualified art-psychotherapist and has worked in a variety of jobs including librarian, trade union recruiter, and adult educator. She now offers training and consultancy about autism to therapists and counsellors as well as people on the autism spectrum and their families. She is keen to share her belief that understanding autism can improve the lives of both autistic and non-autistic individuals.

Caroline’s previous event inspired us to write our blog on counselling and autism.

Past Events with Caroline Hearst

An Introduction to Autism: The Invisible End of the Spectrum

Testimonials for Caroline Hearst’s training

“It was a really stunning day. I have learned so much about autism in such an intriguing manner”

“A wonderful explanation and experience without ‘death by power point’! I have understood so much more about clients, and myself”

“It has been an insightful day, thought provoking and definitely an area that needs more media awareness training”

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