Events Archive – 2013
Saturday 9th February 2013

Working Therapeutically with Disordered Eating: a Conceptual Framework

Trainer: Julia Buckroyd

Saturday 2nd March 2013

Fear and Love in Supervision

Trainer: Robin Shohet

Saturday 16th March 2013

How to Work When Therapy Isn’t Working

Trainer: Michael Soth

Saturday 13th April 2013

Melanie Klein and Her Relevance to Psychotherapists in the 21st Century

Trainer: Julia Segal

Saturday 4th May 2013

Shame: The Ubiquitous Yes Hidden Core of Mental Pain

Trainer: Phil Mollon

Saturday 18th May 2013

Brief and Time Limited Therapy

Trainer: Colin Feltham

Saturday 8th June 2013

Working With Dissociation

Trainer: Miriam Taylor

Saturday 6th July 2013

Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy

Trainer: Phil Mollon

Saturday 20th July 2013

Fear and Love in Supervision

Trainer: Robin Shohet

Saturday 28th September 2013

Working With the Body in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Trainer: Margaret Landale

Saturday 5th October 2013

Unlocking the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Trainer: Christiane Sanderson

Saturday 19th October 2013

Self-Harm, Self-Care and the Way Between

Trainer: Maggie Turp

Saturday 9th November 2013

One Day Working With Groups – Role of a Facilitator

Trainer: Lynsey Hotchkies

Saturday 16th November 2013

Choices in Trauma Therapy

Trainer: Miriam Taylor