Professor Mooli Lahad

Professor Mooli Lahad has two PhDs, one in Psychology and the other in Human and Life Science. He is a psychologist, a teacher, an author, a humanitarian and a world expert on treating trauma in the aftermath of crises or disaster.

He is Professor of Psychology and Dramatherapy at Tel Hai College in the Upper Galilee, Israel and formerly professor at Roehampton University, London. He champions the use of creative techniques such as dramatherapy and bibilotherapy in the treatment of trauma.

In 1979 he founded, and remains President of, the Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC) in Kiryat Shmona, Israel, and is a former vice president of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC).

Professor Lahad is considered one of the world leading experts on community and public behavior and coping with disasters. He has led many international psychosocial projects following crises or disasters, focusing on the empowerment of local peoples through training local professionals to train others in their community. His disaster related work includes in the USA, after the 9/11 terrorist incident (2001-2005), after Hurricane Katrina (2006-2010), and also in Sri Lanka (2004-2007) and Japan (2011-2014) following the tsunamis in both countries.

He developed the Integrative Model of Coping and Resiliency ‘BASIC PH’ and the ‘SEE FAR CBT’ psychotrauma treatment protocol, adopted by other practitioners worldwide, including by NATO’s Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme. The ‘BASIC PH’ model centres on people’s natural coping mechanisms, of which he has identified six types. The method aims to help people suffering from anxiety disorders or traumatised individuals to reduce their symptoms either completely or to a manageable level to enable them to regain a sense of control in their lives.

He has taught all over the world, and his models and methods are taught at Universities and professional bodies around the world including in the UK, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, USA, Japan, France, Spain and more. He is also the author or co-author of 35 books and dozens of articles, including writings on communities under stress; community recovery and rehabilitation following disasters; treatment methods & protocols for PTSD with children, adolescents, adults, families and communities; the integration of art therapies in post-disaster treatment.

Mooli Lahad is the recipient of six professional prizes including The Israeli Psychology Association – Bonner Prize for outstanding contributions to Education in Israel; The Adler Institute for the welfare of the child award; Tel Aviv University and the Israeli Lottery Prize for innovations for developing telepsychology services; and recently the World WIZO and WHO for his humanitarian work in disaster areas.

Mooli Lahad’s books in English:

  1. Lahad, M., Kaplansky, N. (2005) And What Helps You: Guidance for Parents in Developing Their Children’s Coping Resources. Uckfield: Play Therapy Press
  2. Lahad, M. (2000) Creative Supervision. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  3. Rosenfeld, L.B., Caye, J.,Lahad, M., Gurwitch, R. (2010) When their World Falls Apart: Helping Families and Children Manage the Effects of Disasters. (2nd Edition) Washington DC: NASW Press  (Revised edition)
  4. Lahad, M., Doron, M. (2010) SEE FAR CBT: beyond Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Protocol for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Amsterdam: IOS Press
  5. Lahad, M., Shacham, M., Ayalon, O. (2013) The “BASIC PH” Model of Coping and Resiliency -Theory, Research and Cross-Cultural Application. London: Jessica Kingsley
  6. Berger, R., Lahad, M.(2013) The Healing Forest Nature Therapy and Expressive Therapy with Children Post Disaster. London: Jessica Kingsley.
  7. Ajdukovic, D. Kimhi, S. Lahad M. (2015) Resiliency: Enhancing Coping with Crisis and Terrorism, IOS Press Amsterdam
  8. Lahad, M. (2017) The Lonely Ape that told himself stories. The necessity of stories for human survival. NY: Nova Science publishers.

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Testimonials from Mooli Lahad’s Training

“Really enjoyable. Mooli offers a very human and considered delivery. It has been a wonderful day.”

“Excellent, inspiring, such knowledge and experience shared so openly”

“Exceptional. Thought provoking and inspiring”

“It was very accessible and gave excellent techniques to apply to my practice”

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