Pat Williams

Pat Williams has been a writer, broadcaster and consultant on psychology and human belief systems for more than 40 years. A psychotherapist in private practice, she is trained in techniques of cognitive therapy, brief therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling, and is a Fellow and member of the Educational Board of the Human Givens College of Brief Therapy. She was also Director of the College of Storytellers from 1980-1990.

For the past ten years she has given workshops and seminars on metaphor and story all over Britain to audiences mainly of health professionals and members of the social services, but also including teachers, prison officers, priests, policemen, writers, stand-up comics, business people – and parents and grandparents.

Her techniques of therapeutic storytelling were developed well ahead of the intense interest in this subject which has grown in the last decade or so, and she is considered by many to be one of the pioneers in the use of therapeutic stories in psychotherapy.

Over the years, Pat has broadcast on a wide range of psychological and scientific topics for Radio 3 and Radio 4, and was chair of Speculations, Radio 3’s series on millennial ideas. Her books include the international best-seller and extraordinarily well-reviewed encyclopaedia of human belief, ‘THE SUPERNATURAL: An Illustrated Survey of Witches, Werewolves, Ghosts and Spirits’ (Aldus Books). In a four-page review, the New York Times Review of Books said the work contained the best assessments of the contributions of Freud and Jung that reviewer had ever read.

Her book Annie, (Julian Press, USA), written at the time pseudonymously, was chosen by American Psychology Today as their Book Club choice, alternate with Jacob Brownowski’s Ascent of Man. Writer Alan Watts described it as ‘an astonishing account of what it is to be cast in the role of a woman’, and R.E. Masters, head of the Institute of Mind Research in the U.S., welcomed its ‘candid discussion of sex from the woman’s point of view’.

Her other successes as a writer include the script for the documentary film The Fanatics, now in the National Film Archive, for which she was runner-up to film director Ken Russell for a Screenwriters Guild Award, and the libretto for the celebrated musical King Kong, a revival of which is planned for 2015.

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