JJ Bola

JJ Bola is a Congo-born London-raised writer, poet, educator and workshop facilitator.

He has successfully published two books of poetry – Elevate and Daughter of the Sun (eBook). His third, and latest, is his most comprehensive poetry collection WORD, which was launched to a sold out crowd, during Refugee Week in 2015.

JJ Bola’s work is centred on a narrative of empowerment, humanisation, healing of trauma as well as discovery of self through art, literature and he believes that the true purpose of poetry (art) is to expose the reality of this world and how to, most importantly, survive it.

Amazon reviews for JJ Bola’s WORD (2015)

Simply and elegantly written, with the finesse of a master. Stand out poems include ‘Missing piece’ and ‘Listen man’ to name only a couple. Extraordinary work.

Beautifully written, with a sincerity that cannot leave you indifferent.

If you’ve ever loved poetry, you need to get into this. Absolutely superb.

Other books by JJ Bola

No Place To Call Home: Love, Loss, Belonging

REFUGE: The Collected Poetry of JJ Bola

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