Hári Sewell

Hári Sewell is founder and Director of HS Consultancy and is a former executive director of health and social care in the National Health Service in the UK. He has worked for the Department of Health in regulation and policy.

Hári is a writer and speaker in his specialist area of social justice, equalities and ethnicity, race and culture in mental health. Hári is honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire and Specialist Guest Lecturer at University of Bradford and is a Member of the Scientific Board of the ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health.  Hári has had various books, articles and book chapters published, with new material emerging regularly.

Hári worked with another local campaigner to secure services for survivors of sexual violence and currently runs a campaign “Men Supporting Women’s Rights” including “Men Against Rape”.  He is increasingly studying forms of masculinity and the possibilities in practice and employee relations to recognise the intersections between masculinity and other aspects of identity.

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