Events Archive – 2018
Saturday 3rd February

Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Trainer: Christiane Sanderson

Saturday 24th February

The Body Speaks: Embodied Conversations in Psychotherapy

Trainers: Michael Soth, Ewa Robertson, & Margaret Landale

Saturday 3rd March

EMDR – The Breakthrough Therapy

Trainer: Sian Morgan

Saturday 17th March

Masters in the Art of Defence: Working with Avoident Attachment

Trainers: Linda Cundy & Graham Music

Saturday 28th April

Narrative Therapy: Tales of Narrative Identity and Change

Trainer: Martin Weegmann

Saturday 16th June

Art as Therapy

Trainer: Ruth Netherwood

Saturday 23rd June

Sex on The Rocks – When Passion Cools in a Long Term Relationship

Trainer: Anne Power

Saturday 7th July

Speaking Through the Skin: Self harm and its meanings

Trainer: Anna Motz

Saturday 14th July

Narcissists and Their Children: Made Not Born

Trainer: Julia Buckroyd

Saturday 15th September

We Are All Body Psychotherapists – A Day with Nick Totton

Trainer: Nick Totton

Saturday 29th September

What we think we’re doing in our clinical encounters: aims and underlying theory

Trainer: Susie Orbach

Saturday 6th October

Polyvagal Theory: Therapeutic Presence and The Relational Space Between Us

Trainer: Tony Buckley

Saturday 3rd November

Working with ‘Hard to Reach’ Individuals in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Trainer: Dr Maggie Turp

Saturday 17th November

Shame in the Therapy Hour

Trainer: Christiane Sanderson